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Synthesis is a task automation and management system. It is used in the processing of media, information and pure data. A task-sequencing Server dispatches jobs to available resources while databasing progress, priority and meta-data. The SDK allows custom multipart-jobs to be created, submitted and managed. High-level API and Libraries allow for custom tasks to be created.

Cross-Platform Job Viewer

Synthesis was originally developed for the "Avatar" production, where it was the editorial pipeline of the main camera stage. The harvesting of meta-data from this mo-cap stage was largely automated by Synthesis, which assembled assets from multiple departments after each take. The system gathered the data, modified it and rendered it into computer-game resolution video files which were "digital dailies" for the editorial department. A flexible task-sequencing architecture was designed which utilized networked resources to automate the render process. Nearly every CG shot in the film passed through Synthesis; the renders were the final editorial cut of the film before the high-resolution rendering.

Edit Viewing Tool

Edit Viewing Tool

Upstage Take Manager

SynthWeb Task Monitor

Synthesis Product Brochure (pdf)