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Signal Converter Boards

Analog Buffer Board

The Analog Buffer Board reduces unwanted high-impedance of signals, and can also be used as a fixed-gain amplifier. Each board provides two channels which can be independently gain-adjusted.


Dimensions: 0.61" x 1.0" (15.64mm x 25.40mm)

Net 30 and COD terms available. p>


Buffer Board Howto (pdf)

Logic Level Shifter Board

The Logic Level Shifter board converts up to six digital logic signals, in the range of 3.3V to 15V, to 5V CMOS/TTL level. Input power in the range of 5.5 - 14V may be supplied. Signals are not inverted. The board may also be used as a buffer/line-driver.


The LCON board raises a single digital logic signal, in the range of 0.7V to 16V, to a 10V logic level. Input power in the range of 11.2V - 16V may be supplied. The input signals is not inverted, thus the board may also be used as a line-driver. Output current up to 200mA, so the board can be used to drive a load.

Dcon Buffer Board

The Dcon board is a four channel non-inverting buffer. It conditions digital signals such that logic up to 15V will be down-converted to 5V TTL/CMOS levels.