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Emergency Stop Relay Board

The ESTOP32 is designed to hold 32 hydraulic valves closed by connecting their signals to a Common voltage (AGND) in the relay relaxed state. When relays are energized, analog signals pass through the relay contacts. As the board implements a generic relay circuit, the board can be utilized for other purposes. Common is isolated from logic DGND, so another Common level can be utilized.

The Estop32 is a PC104 compliant carrier board, but does not utilize signals from the PC104 bus.
PC104 bus connectors can be populated for buss pass-through aplications. Analog input connectors mate with the Diamond Systems "Ruby-MM1612" DAC output connector.

TTL/CMOS digital logic signals control the activation of the relays, allowing 32 analog signals to pass through the board unmodified. Up to 3 logic signals can be ANDed together to interlock the activation of the relays.
The ESTOP32 is typically driven by the Fiber-Simplex board (FBR-SER-S-1A) to implement an optical Emergency stop.


Part Number:ESTOP32
Power input:5 VDC or 12VDC *
Dimensions:PC-104 compliant form factor 3.77" x 3.55" (95.88mm x 90.17mm), plus connector pins
* 5V relay option eliminates 12V requirement

Net 30 and COD terms available.


E-Stop Board Howto (pdf)