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The Overdrive Motion System is the hub of a motion network used to stream live and pre-recorded data. Utilizing high- bandwidth digital technologies, Overdrive offers unparalleled flexibility for problem-solving in production environments. As a hard real time constraint system, Overdrive is suitable for Robotics, Motion Control, and 3D Motion Capture applications.

Software Development, Electronic Design, and Systems Analysis services are available to complement your own technology or applications.

Our technicians can work with you to customize your system on-site. We provide training and can staff systems operation.

We provide electronic schematics and mechanical designs for interfacing with Overdrive hardware. System Integration can be performed either by you or by an Overdrive technician. Software Help Menus are available in-application too.

Overdrive is an embedded system consisting primarily of two computers. The Control Station runs a real time OS, has a graphical user interface, executes constraints and is the record/ playback unit. Analog or Digital user input devices are connected to the Control Station in a many-to-one topology. Downstream via fber optic, wireless, or ethernet link is an Embedded Computer ("EC"). An EC moves real-world actuators or collects telemetry. The EC, which can take one of several form factors, controls outputs in a one-to-many topology. The bidirectional communications link can also send data upstream to the Control Station from sensors at the EC. An SDK allows a third-party software module to become a Network-EC so as to send or receive motion. Systems can also be linked together with the SDK protocols.

Sample Application Architectures

AR Streaming for Virtual Production - click to enlarge -

Motion Base and video-wall control and connectivity - click to enlarge -

Stunt Motion Control - click to enlarge -

Animatronic Creature Control - click to enlarge -

CGI Puppeteering - click to enlarge -

Virtual Camera - click to enlarge -