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Technology Development

Concept Overdrive offers Software and Electronic Design - built to your specifications. We are skilled at developing software applications as well as integrating custom hardware into software systems. If you have a product or system you would like to develop and you don't have the in-house engineering resources for it, we can do the protoyping for you.

Areas of specialization :

  • Real Time Systems (both hard RT and soft RT)
  • Pipeline and Process Automation
  • Multimedia (2D / 3D graphics, sound and video)
  • Graphical User Interfaces ("GUI") and Web UIs
  • Networking
  • Motion Capture
  • Low-level Device Drivers
  • Linux/Unix Development

Industrial Areas

    Concept Overdrive services the following industries:
  • Motion Pictures & Television Visual Effects (motion control software/electronics, visual effects pipeline & 3D software)
  • Theme Park Prototyping (motion control software/hardware)
  • Government Defense projects (motion control software/hardware)
  • Gaming Industry development (software & electronics)
  • Fine Arts (motion control)
  • Our circuit boards are additionally used in Mining, Aerospace, Marine & Transportation applications

the Cooperative Development Program for non-proprietary contracts